Saturday, March 6, 2010

Music to My Ears

I've been picking away at the long list of up-dates needed on Exploits, however it's tough to get much done during the winter. I also only seem to manage to find a few hours here and there, so I've had trouble actually finishing what I've started.

This past weekend was unseasonably spring like so we got to spend 2-3 hours on the boat. I picked up a pair of marine speakers at the bargain bin and built speaker enclosures out of some left over "StarBoard". I ran an extra set of wires out into the stern and installed a switch to toggle between the cabin and outside. They don’t look too bad and sound great.

I finally resolved my electrical issues with my mast lights. I had running lights and an anchor light, but I couldn’t get power to my mast lights. I had to remove the two deck connectors. In the process I found a wire that was cut and rolled up in the mast and under the cabin settee. Mystery solved.

I decided to replace the deck connectors with a single four wire connector. I’ll have an extra hole to fill and will need to splice some wires to get 6 wires down to 4.