Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sail #19: Saturday Race 2

4.7 nm, 5 knots average speed, 0:52:14 elapsed time

Another successful race under perfect conditions for us.  First place!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sail #18: United Way Silent Auction Cruise and Dinner

9.4 nm, 3 knot average speed (with a lot of drifting for swimming), 3:40:00 elapsed time

Beautiful day to host our first United Way Silent Auction winners on a cruise, swim and 4 course meal, featuring local foods.  The day started with little to no wind which was perfect for swimming.  Later in the day the wind picked up just enough to create a really nice sailing experience.

Our meal featured: local cheeses with fresh fruit; a cold summer soup (cucumber); beef tenderloin; and we finished off with local ice cream and fresh berries.

It was a great day!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sail #17: Wednesday Night Race 2

6.2 nm, average speed of 4 knots, 1:30:21 elapsed time

Respectable third place showing under some tough low wind conditions.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sail #16: Drift Swimming in the Bay with Fly-Bye-Wire

9.3 nm, 3 knots average speed (mostly drifting), 2:48:01 elapsed time

Lazy Sunday afternoon.  Skipper Doug and I decided to drift and go for a swim....just like the B.V.I.'s!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sail #15: Robbie Robertson Pursuit Race

9.1 nm, 4 knots average speed, elapsed time 2:06:38

Robbie Robertson was one of the first Commodores of the BHYC.  The race was renamed this year in his honor.

A total of 14 boats raced in variable conditions.  We struggled to the start in light winds, crossing the line 4 minutes after our scheduled start.  I debated whether to fly the spinnaker on the long run.  With only 2 of us, it likely was a bad decision and given the delay putting it up, we likely didn't gain much, if anything.

We started 7th and finished 7th out of 14th.  In the words of the Skipper of Gaila, "we were just average".  It was a good race and a we had a wonderful social afterwards which was very good.

We continue to learn and are becoming better sailors. I guess that's what it's all about.  Well...that and having fun!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sail #14: Another WIN for Exploits!

Wednesday Night Race Series - Race #1

6.3 nm, 5 knots average speed, elapsed time of 1:13:26

What a blast!  Strong winds from the south and warm temperatures.

We recruited the Skipper of Abigale along with our star trimmer Mark Gee for the first race in the Wednesday Night Race Series.  The course was a long run and a tough upwind leg back to the start - finish.  We had a clean start and despite being the last of the four boats to cross the start line we had a perfect gull-wing sail set and excellent line.

At the turn bouy we were bow to bow with our sister boat Wings.  Mark commented that he could have reached out and grabbed her bow on the turn.  It was fun!  We picked a great line and lead the rest of the way, winning by 1 minute.

It was a lot of fun and the performance of the boat continues to surprise me.  The next race is Saturday.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sail #13: WE WON !!!! (Saturday Race #1)

8.5 nm, average speed 5 knots, elapsed time 1:37:11

Our 13th sail of the season and our first race.  Turns out 13 is our lucky number since we started the defense of our Weekend Series Championship with a WIN!  Our first win of our short racing career.

Strong southerly winds provided a challenging start, with one boat dropping out before the race even got under way.  We battled right off the mark with Bella Rosa on our port side and Fly-Bye-Wire on our starboard.  The first leg was a long down wide run to the pin buoy off Malagash Point.  We took the second mark with a small lead and worked our way efficiently up wind. 

Every tack was perfect as was the sail trim.   Our line was spot on.  The boat worked as well as it ever did which allowed us to finish 4 minutes ahead of the next challenger.  We had a great crew:  Mark, Mike D., and Maria V., joined Jude and I.

Great start to the 2011 weekend race season!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sail #12: 16.07.2011

14.8 nm, average speed 5 knots, elapsed time 2:49:49

Our first race of the season was postponed until Sunday so our crew of Mike and Maria, Mark and Alison and Judy and I took Exploits out for a romp up towards Bay Head.  The disappointment of not racing soon disappeared, as we cruised along in steady breezes and sunshine.  Mark worked the tiller and Maria trimmed for most of the way around. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sail #11: Anniversary Cruise

14.7 nm, average speed 4 knots, elapsed time 3:40:48

Happy 29th Anniversary Alan and Judy!

We almost didn't come back to Brule after dropping Daniel off at the airport for his trip to Vancouver.  Oh boy, what a sail we would have missed!  We were cruising along side our dock mate, Fly-Bye-Wire at 6 knots in steady winds and go close enough to have a chat.  One long broad reach out to the head of the Bay, a turn back towards Bay Head and then home. 

What made the day extra special is this was our 29th wedding anniversay.  Seems these days, not many people can say they have had a 29th anniversary.  I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate and a more special person to celebrate it with!

What a special day!  One I'll never forget!

Fly-Bye-Wire (C&C 30 MK1)

Midnight Magic (C&C 25) sailing across the Tatamagouche Shore in front of the Tim Horton's Camp.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sail #10: 2nd Generation Cruise

14.7 nm, average speed 5 knots, elapsed time 2:57:48

What an absolutely special day.  I am sure Jude and I were smiling the whole day.  We had all three of our kids and Allison's guy, Robert from St. John's and Alison M aboard Exploits for a headsail only run around Tatamagouche Bay in 28 knot winds. 

What a great day with the whole family!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sail # 9: Happy Birthday Gloria!

17.3 nm, average speed 2 knots, elapsed time 10:24:25

Happy Birthday Gloria!  Most people seem to know Gloria. She celebrated her birthday with her new "friend", Jorge, Anne and Ian and Jude and I.  The weather was perfect for a birthday sail and supper.

Rather than worry about the tides coming and going from the marina, we anchored Exploits off the cottage and used the tender.  It worked remarkably well, to say nothing about how nice it was to look out and see the boat lying peacefully in the setting sun.

A great day with some great folks, who seemed to enjoy a day on the water.

The 2nd generation (and Mr. Bazeley, vacationing from Newfoundland) arrived at supper time along with Mariah which was really nice, particularly since they brought an impressive fireworks show.  Mark of course ended the show with a classic "Happy Birthday Gloria...and Canada).   Two birds with one fireworks show...well done!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sail #8: Happy Canada Day

13.5 nm, average speed 2 knots, elapsed time 8:52:42

Jude and I sailed out past Kate and Tarjei's and moored off Saddle Island with Fly-Bye-Wire, Torch and Ever After.  The plan was to stay there for the night and watch the Canada Day fireworks in New Glasgow and Charlottetown.  In between Judy and I were going to take the tender from Saddle to Kate and Tarjei's.

The storm clouds rolled on the trip out so we opted to drop the sails and motor in to Saddle, but not before a sail past.  While we were taking the sails down, Sean Davidson dropped by on his jetski to say "hello" on his way back to Bagnell's in Brule.  He must have made pretty good time judging by the speed he was making after leaving us.  We motored the rest of the way to Saddle where the Canada Day festivities had already begun.  Ever After and Torch had rafted up so we anchored along side Fly-Bye-Wire.  We secured Exploits, jumped in the tender and motored off to supper after a quick visit to our neighbours.

Ever After and Torch, Fly-Bye-Wire and Exploits anchored off Saddle Island.

Skipper Gee from Exploits heading in for Canada Day celebrations on Malagash Point (PFD on and Coors Light in hand).
The weather changed while were celebrating at Kate and Tarjei's.  Anything out of the east is bad news for anchoring at Saddle.  We radioed Ever After after supper and Skipper Steve warned us that we were in for a rough return.  The wind was on the nose of the inflatable on the way back, which made for a bumpy wet ride.  Thankfully it was reasonably warm and we had a few "pops" to take the chill off.  Back on Exploits things were rocking in 1.5 - 2 foot swells. 

We watched the fireworks in New Glasgow and Charlottetown both more than 30 nm away.  The the shoreline was dotted with more modest firework displays from the local cottagers.  A few crew members started to feel the effects of Canada Day or the rough seas so we opted to motor back to BHYC at 11 pm. 

Jude and spend our first night on the boat in 2011 tied to the dock in our homeport.  However we woke to a great breakfast on Exploits, how bad can THAT really be?!

Happy Caanda Day!