Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa's Storm Surge

The Skipper of Ever After summed up the events of December 21, 2010 quite well....

"The Bros mustered Nick Butcher and his payloader. SnowBored was tilted so far backwards the rudder was in the water. Dragged SnowBored, Tantivy, Elsie N. and Emidan to safer ground. Had to move Gaila to get to Emidan. Mallory is Ok with three and a half jackstands. Water was 18" deep at Ever After. For those in the pool, Exploits was officially the last BHYC boat in the water for 2010. Water is receding, all secure."

His first post started with....

"CHRIST! All HELL has broken loose in the boatyard. Tantivy and SnowBored are ready to tip over backwards into the water, Mallory is down to one jackstand on the starboard side. Water is touching Exploits. On go the boots and wetgear. I'm OFF to the marina. The Bros are HERE!"

Must say there were a few tense moments.  Not sure I expected our hull to be wet in December.

Thanks to the Skipper of Ever After, Steve and marina owners, Don, Herb and Mike.

Merry Christmas!