Thursday, September 30, 2010

Whew...Let's Give Thanks!

Wait...the season isn't quite over yet, but the latest "Boat Haulout" email from the marina means that the end is definitely...near.  We are hopefully hanging in there for one, maybe two more weekends, but the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend will be our last time in the water for 2010.

What a season it has been.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving and in honor of our first year sailing lets reflect:

-  we've been out 38 times since Easter weekend and logged over 525 nautical miles to date;
-  we gained some valuable race experience and improved each race (well the arguing was less, but we still lack sailing expertise);
-  our names are engraved on a plaque at the Barrachois Harbour Yacht Club for WINNING the Saturday race series (gotta love the mystery of handicapping).  And oh what company...Shand, Hoyt...big names in BHYC sailing;
-  we won the cruising class for the Amet Island Race; but most importantly of all,
- we have spent hours aboard Exploits with our kids, family and extended family; and,
- we've met many interesting new people who I am sure will be friends for life.

Thanks Exploits...yah done good!