Sunday, July 11, 2010

28th Anniversary Sunset Cruise

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  1. Ha, the power of the internet!

    I had been down to the marina on Friday to take some photos of Tam stepping his masts (see next months ‘The Light’ newspaper) and last night I was surfing the internet and came across your blog.
    Next coincidence – Kate and Tarjei came up to our store yesterday and bought a tree which I delivered today to their house in Malagash. I saw their names on your blog and thought “Now I know them, I’ve just sold them some plants” :-)

    Love the blog – easy to read and very honest. I have built wooden boats for some years in the UK and after 4 years here I think it’s about time to start again. So this winter I think it will be a clinker (lapstrake), gaff rigged day boat, probably 4.5mtr. I’ll see how it goes and if there is a market for them.

    Malagash and Wallace bays are just waiting for the sailing boom and your blog is helping put the message out there, thanks for it,


    Allan C