Sunday, June 10, 2012

Post Cruise

Sail #4:  10/06/12 - 12.2 nm, 5 kts/h, 2:27 elapsed time

It's always fun hosting people on the boat, particularly folks who have never been on a sail boat.  It's fun to watch how their level of relaxation increases as they get over the initial "fear of the healing".  A work colleague was thinking about getting into sailing and had looked at a couple of boats for sail at BHYC.  I had planned o Gerald out one another day after a field day at Cape John, but my motor was acting up (turned out to be a simple idle adjustment).

We had a nice day to show of sailing to newbies.  Turns out the they loved sailing, but weren't quite ready to buy their own boat.  The Post Family seemed to have fun.

Gerald takes the tiller under the watchful eye of Skipper Gee,  daughter Rayanne and  Admiral-in-waitin' Yvonne

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