Saturday, February 23, 2013

Halifax International Boat Show Day

We had a beautiful day to drive down to the Halifax International Boat Show. It meant we missed a day of skiing but we always enjoy bumping into our sailing buddies and spending the day talking about sailing.

On our first stop to the Yacht Shop booth, I bumped into "Wilson" who I blogged about on August 12, 2012 after running into him at Baddeck Marine.  He dove under our boat to check the anodes for me which turned out to be a false alarm.  It turns out he is one of the key drivers behind the new marina at Ben Eoin.  We're looking forward to visiting them during our trip to the Bras D'ors this summer.  Just around the corner we bumped into the crew of Abigale who also plan to make the trip to Cape Breton.

We were also pleased to see Gerry from St. Peter's Marina which is probably the nicest and friendliest marina we've ever been to, after BHYC of course.  Gerry was there promoting the Race the Cape Race this summer.

On the way to our second stop at the Yacht Shop we bumped into Luther, skipper of a Bayfield that sails out of our club and Ernie, who played volleyball with Jude.  Luther is planning a trip to the Maggies this summer.  I did invite him to join the flotilla travelling to Cape Breton as a fall back plan.

I was trying on a pair of boat shoes at the Yacht Shop booth while this friendly guy from the Dartmouth Yacht Club stood by.  We causally chatted while I debated over the wide width or medium width shoes, which also happened to be the last 2 pair left.  When I finally made up my mind, he said, "I'm gonna try on the ones you didn't buy".  I felt bad for making him wait, but I did enjoy the chat!  I got goosed a couple of times by a spirited lady as she made her way past me.

As we were leaving we chatted with the crew from Bella Rosa who were just arriving.

After a quick lunch at Pete's on the way home and long visit to the wine store in Bedford, we headed back to Truro.

We can't wait for sailing season to begin!

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