Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sail #1: Hooray, Hooray 'tis the 31st of May

We took advantage of the first semi-nice weekend to get out for a shakedown cruise on Exploits. It was sunny, but cool. Water temperatures were 13.9 C. Great wind out of the north west.

We set the sails after leaving the channel and made a steady 6.2 knots per hour out past Jollimore's Reef. There were lots of lobster traps to dodge. The buoys painted black made the
task more challenging. After one tack we took a straight line back to BHYC.

Abigale was the only other sailboat out. There we a couple of fishing boats finishing the day. Ever After chatted with us over the VHF from the hard.

After dropping the crew off to resume garden detail back at the cottage, i went back to BHYC to prep the Club gazebo for the season. With the help of the Skipper from Scot Free and the Bros we took off the shutters, installed the wind screens and set up the furniture.

All before June 1st!

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