Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sail #3: Firsts and Lasts (for now)

After a few days of high wind warnings and cold wet weather, the sun came out on Sunday.  The Skipper from Fly-Bye-Wire gave me a hand with the start-finish markers and some of the race markers, in preparation of another racing season on the Bay.

I had a little trouble starting Exploits and eventually had to try out my new Christmas present (booster pack) and jump start her.  I have suspected the batteries were getting worn out so I guess it's time to replace them.

After a break to watch the last little bit of French Open tennis final, Exploits, Fly-Bye-Wire, and Gaila headed out for an afternoon sail.  It was Fly-Bye-Wire's shakedown cruise and the last sail for the crew of Gaila for a few weeks while they recover from some health related repairs scheduled for later this week.

It was a very light wind, overly relaxing day.  However, it's always good to get out on the water with good friends.

It was a good day.

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