Monday, June 9, 2014

Truck Power

Decided to repower Exploits with 2 new truck batteries.  With 950 cca they should provide loads of power to fire up the iron jib.  Truck batteries are also a heck of lot cheaper than any battery that has "marine" in it's name.


  1. I really enjoy reading about "Exploits".
    We bought hull #73 last fall. It has been out of the water for 6 years, and has a very tight rudder post. Actually almost unmovable. Lubrication and motion has no effect. We've decided to drop it, but have had no luck due to whatever corrosion has occurred.
    Do you have any experience with this?
    Are there simply bushings top and bottom?
    Thanks for any insight.
    Yours Grant Gambell
    Camden, Maine

    1. We dropped the rudder out of Exploits this past summer. There weren't any bushings. I wonder if someone tried to shim the rudder. Can't see how you'd get corrosion.

  2. Like your post very much!
    I recently purchased a 1970 Redwing and we are enjoying her very much.
    I notice my tiller is quite heavy/hard to maneuver in high winds >15 Knots. Any experience with this?
    Is it normal?
    Should I change to a longer tiller perhaps?
    Thank you
    Vancouver BC.