Saturday, April 24, 2010

Into the Drink!

After a quiet Friday evening sail with Mikey and Heather Hoyt, the boys and I and Alison M decided to head into Halifax Harbour.  It was Daniel's and Alison's first sail on Exploits.  The wind was really gusty, altho according to the marine forecast, the gusts were never above 11 knots.  It seemed to be either on our back or right in our face the whole day.

Turned out to be a great sail. Total distance of 15.5 nm and a top speed of 6 knots. Mark called some friemds of his who were down on the waterfront when we sailed by, which was kind of cool.

There were a couple of other boats out, along with a whole bunch of lasers, laser II's and bytes. They looked like a bunch of water bugs darting around out in the harbour.

The only down side of the trip, was the over-priced drink holders that I bought the night before (on the recommendation of the sales lady at the Binnacle) both ended up in the harbour. To add insult to injury, at least one of them went "into the drink" with a full beer.  Makes for an expensive afternoon.  Sort of brought back memories of my windsurfing days when a good day was defined by how much gear you broke!

However, we managed to finish the trip holding on to our "pops" the old fashioned our hands!  It was great to see the city from the water side.  This was my 5th sail of the season and it's only April 24th.

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