Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter - Unwrappin' Exploits

Unwrapping Exploits this weekend was like ripping into a HUGE Kinder Surprise...a giant Easter egg with a Redwing 30 sailboat inside. After four straight days of plus 20 temperatures, I couldn't take it any more. All the boat owners on the hard were complaining about not being able to get their boats in. To add insult to injury, my dock mate has been out three times already. His boat is actually for sale. It's a Douglas 32...nice boat. I will like it better as I look at it from the water and not the dock!

The only thing between us and our first sail, was a large pile of unenvironmentally friendly plastic shrink wrap. I unfortunately had ALL the wood work sanded down to bare wood. Our sails were also still at Doyle Sails which of course was closed. It was a sign to get a couple of coats of Epifanes on the wood to at least partially seal it up. I'll be at Doyle's first thing tomorrow morning.

I fired up the Yanmar diesel a couple of times and it seems to work OK, particularly after we cut the shrink wrap off the exhaust port. The dodger, sail cover and custom made cushions (well 2/3's of the cushions...but they are SWEET...thank you Judy) are loaded in the Rav. Should have Exploits rigged and ready to set sail sometime by mid afternoon.

Jude observed tonight, that with the blue hull and cushions, wine coloured dodger and sail cover, and white top deck, Exploits is sporting the official colours of...wait for it...the New England sweet is THAT!


  1. Happy Easter! That is one beautiful boat. I love that port in the front of the cabin, looking forward. And your cabin top looks so white and clean. Did you have it painted? I'm loving the blog.

  2. Thanks. The boat's in need of paint, at the very least a good cleaning. The picture is very kind to Ms. Exploits.

    Thanks for following us. We're simply following your lead!