Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rewired Redwing

OK.  It's a bad sign when I am already redoing some of my original projects and it isn't even the end of April yet!

Years ago when Jude and I bought our first house, my father's advice was, "live in it for a year and you'll have a better appreciation of what really needs to done".  Wise man my Dad.  Wish he were still here 'cause I'm sure he would said the same thing about the boat...."sail the thing for a year and you"ll figure out what really needs to be done".

Last Sunday I bit the bullet and drove my jig saw into the fiberglass and cut two 5 inch holes in my cockpit for my speakers.  Those StarBoard, bullet proof, butt ugly speakers (that I built 2 months ago) are gone and replaced with 2/5's of a surround sound system!  Ok, so that's a little over the top, however I must admit, they look much better and sound alot better.

While I was stressing over the thought of cutting holes in the hull, there was a boat builder working on my dock neighbour's boat.  When I said I was thinking about cutting the holes his response was, "...hell boy I do that every day".  Cue the sound of jig saw cutting a neat circle in the cockpit of Exploits.

On Monday, my man from Lifeline Marine showed up to replace a damaged stanchion on the port side.  And, like all sailboat projects, what started as a simple job, was turned into an opportunity to install new turnbuckles on the lifelines and clips for a boarding gate.  Not a bad job!

Exploits is wired and ready to go again....well as soon as I get new drink holders!

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