Friday, August 12, 2011

Sail #23: Sand Dollars for Mackerel

16.4 nm, 2 knots per hour (including time at anchor), 7:53:11 elapsed time

Another absolutely spectacular day.  Jude and I made our way out to Saddle Island with the dingy.  Of course we didn't start out with the dingy, or Jude's bathing suit, book, or glasses...which meant I had to swim off the boat to the cottage.  Gotta love a change of plans!

It was a great decision tho.  We rowed into the sand beach at Saddle which is absolutely fantastic...and as it turns out full of sand dollars.  While we were there, we ran into a former high school classmate of mine and her husband who had been fishing mackerel.  Sheila asked if we'd like some since they had "lots".   They had a live well on their power boat which had over 20 fish swimming around in it.  We took a couple of supper which turned out to be wonderful.

A really special day which started out being something totally different.

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