Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sail #24: Amet Island Race

25 nm, 4 knots per hour, 6:52:41 elapsed time

This is a special race for me (see last year's post) so we never want to miss it.  It is longest and most difficult of our club races and it always presents a challenge of variable winds and conditions.  This year was no exception.

Another light wind day, which wasn't in our favour.  However, after a bit of trouble at the start (we got tangled up with Bella Rosa), we made our way efficently out past Jollimore's where the wind improved.  We stayed on our lines and seemed to be able to work our way up wind as well as any of the other boats.  We lost a little ground on the down wind leg, but finished 3rd out of 8.  Because of the light winds 4 of the baots had to leave the race early in order to get in before the falling tide.  That has to be a disappointment after over 6 hours on the water.

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