Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sail #29: Saturday Race #4

10.1 nm, 5 knots per hour average speed, 1:57:22 elapsed time.

Sometimes...all you need is a little luck!

Going into the final races of the season, amongst Gaila, Wings and Exploits, our placings in the final races on Saturday and Wednesday determined who the weekend series and Wednesday night series winners would be.  We won the Saturday series last year because we showed up, and while we are proud to have our name on the plaque, we wanted to win it for our sailing.  Admittedly, given that the three fastest and best crews weren't around most of the summer, made a repeat championship possible.

Before the race I got to try out the new hammock that Daniel sent from the West Coast for my birthday.  It worked great and is going to be a fantastic addition to those hot days at anchor or long windless crossings in the Strait.

We sailed a great race and as luck would have were aided by Wings missing a mark and going off course.  We finished 2nd and more importantly, beat Wings and Gaila, which sealed our defense of the Saturday Series Championship.

After the race we noticed that one of our spreader bar lights were hanging by the wires.  Judy had actually noticed it right at the start of the race, but rather than have it as a distraction, she didn't say anything until we were back at dock.  Good idea Jude!

Alison M, being the lightest of the crew, agreed to go up the mast and repair the light.  She's the only one of our crew to be hoisted and she did a great job.

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