Friday, July 1, 2011

Sail #8: Happy Canada Day

13.5 nm, average speed 2 knots, elapsed time 8:52:42

Jude and I sailed out past Kate and Tarjei's and moored off Saddle Island with Fly-Bye-Wire, Torch and Ever After.  The plan was to stay there for the night and watch the Canada Day fireworks in New Glasgow and Charlottetown.  In between Judy and I were going to take the tender from Saddle to Kate and Tarjei's.

The storm clouds rolled on the trip out so we opted to drop the sails and motor in to Saddle, but not before a sail past.  While we were taking the sails down, Sean Davidson dropped by on his jetski to say "hello" on his way back to Bagnell's in Brule.  He must have made pretty good time judging by the speed he was making after leaving us.  We motored the rest of the way to Saddle where the Canada Day festivities had already begun.  Ever After and Torch had rafted up so we anchored along side Fly-Bye-Wire.  We secured Exploits, jumped in the tender and motored off to supper after a quick visit to our neighbours.

Ever After and Torch, Fly-Bye-Wire and Exploits anchored off Saddle Island.

Skipper Gee from Exploits heading in for Canada Day celebrations on Malagash Point (PFD on and Coors Light in hand).
The weather changed while were celebrating at Kate and Tarjei's.  Anything out of the east is bad news for anchoring at Saddle.  We radioed Ever After after supper and Skipper Steve warned us that we were in for a rough return.  The wind was on the nose of the inflatable on the way back, which made for a bumpy wet ride.  Thankfully it was reasonably warm and we had a few "pops" to take the chill off.  Back on Exploits things were rocking in 1.5 - 2 foot swells. 

We watched the fireworks in New Glasgow and Charlottetown both more than 30 nm away.  The the shoreline was dotted with more modest firework displays from the local cottagers.  A few crew members started to feel the effects of Canada Day or the rough seas so we opted to motor back to BHYC at 11 pm. 

Jude and spend our first night on the boat in 2011 tied to the dock in our homeport.  However we woke to a great breakfast on Exploits, how bad can THAT really be?!

Happy Caanda Day!

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