Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sail # 9: Happy Birthday Gloria!

17.3 nm, average speed 2 knots, elapsed time 10:24:25

Happy Birthday Gloria!  Most people seem to know Gloria. She celebrated her birthday with her new "friend", Jorge, Anne and Ian and Jude and I.  The weather was perfect for a birthday sail and supper.

Rather than worry about the tides coming and going from the marina, we anchored Exploits off the cottage and used the tender.  It worked remarkably well, to say nothing about how nice it was to look out and see the boat lying peacefully in the setting sun.

A great day with some great folks, who seemed to enjoy a day on the water.

The 2nd generation (and Mr. Bazeley, vacationing from Newfoundland) arrived at supper time along with Mariah which was really nice, particularly since they brought an impressive fireworks show.  Mark of course ended the show with a classic "Happy Birthday Gloria...and Canada).   Two birds with one fireworks show...well done!

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