Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sail #11: Anniversary Cruise

14.7 nm, average speed 4 knots, elapsed time 3:40:48

Happy 29th Anniversary Alan and Judy!

We almost didn't come back to Brule after dropping Daniel off at the airport for his trip to Vancouver.  Oh boy, what a sail we would have missed!  We were cruising along side our dock mate, Fly-Bye-Wire at 6 knots in steady winds and go close enough to have a chat.  One long broad reach out to the head of the Bay, a turn back towards Bay Head and then home. 

What made the day extra special is this was our 29th wedding anniversay.  Seems these days, not many people can say they have had a 29th anniversary.  I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate and a more special person to celebrate it with!

What a special day!  One I'll never forget!

Fly-Bye-Wire (C&C 30 MK1)

Midnight Magic (C&C 25) sailing across the Tatamagouche Shore in front of the Tim Horton's Camp.

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