Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sail #15: Robbie Robertson Pursuit Race

9.1 nm, 4 knots average speed, elapsed time 2:06:38

Robbie Robertson was one of the first Commodores of the BHYC.  The race was renamed this year in his honor.

A total of 14 boats raced in variable conditions.  We struggled to the start in light winds, crossing the line 4 minutes after our scheduled start.  I debated whether to fly the spinnaker on the long run.  With only 2 of us, it likely was a bad decision and given the delay putting it up, we likely didn't gain much, if anything.

We started 7th and finished 7th out of 14th.  In the words of the Skipper of Gaila, "we were just average".  It was a good race and a we had a wonderful social afterwards which was very good.

We continue to learn and are becoming better sailors. I guess that's what it's all about.  Well...that and having fun!

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