Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dreams Do Come True

Steve and Liz aboard T'ai Chi out of Toronto are living my dream.  I've always wanted to convert my modest assets into a boat and shoving off for far away places.  They were overnighting at BHYC as part of their year long adventure to the Bahamas.  I was fortunate enough to hunt down a chart of the local waters for them, which afforded me the opportunity to have a visit on T'ai Chi a beautiful Cabo Rico 42.  Sadly my visit was brief, however a few key words from their blog suggest there are some parallels in our lives...camping, canoes, three kids, agriculture, science, bees and of course my obsession (labour of love), sailing.

For now, I will live my dream through their eyes.  Altho I feel like we just took one step closer to our dream becoming a reality.

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