Sunday, July 8, 2012

Marshville Cruise

Sail #12:  08/07/12 - 20.1 nm, 4 kts / h, 5:20 elapsed time

Sunday was a beautiful day, altho we could have certainly taken a bit more wind.  Jude and I decided to take a long leisurely sail out past Jollimores Reef and across to Marshville where my Aunt Janice has a cottage.  The Brule Point Party Barge was motoring around Brule Harbour and likely enjoyed the calm waters more than we did.

We managed to get down to Marshville (Little Truro) but opted to motor sail back since the tide was pushing us off course in light winds.  Once we got back into Tatamagouche Bay the winds seemed to pick up a bit and we noticed Fly-Bye-Wire were flying their cruising spinnaker.

Our spinnaker is affectionately known as the "divorce papers", since it seems to create undue stress every time we try to fly it.  However, it seemed like the perfect day to practice, so we decided to fly it on the run back to BHYC.  Without incident I might add.  Or so we thought.

It seemed to be caught on something and so it was a little difficult to get down, however we didn't give it another thought.  The next Wednesday night race would prove to interesting indeed!

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