Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Race #3

Sail #17:  25/07/12 - 8.4 nm, 5 kts / h, 1.44 elapsed time

What a fun race with the top 3 boats finishing within 4 minutes of each other.  We originally thought we finished 2nd on corrected time for this race, but on a recalculation we narrowly beat our sister boat, Wings, to take our second first in the Wednesday race series.  This would turn out to to be a critical adjustment since we could drop our DNF from the last race, altho we were still scheduled to be in the Bras D'or Lake cruising for the final race.  As luck would have it, that race didn't happen due to lack of wind, so we won the Wednesday Series with our 2 first place finishes.

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