Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Race #2

Sail #13:  DNF and almost DN Start!

It's ironic that this was our 13th sail of the season given the bad luck we had on this night.

The Spinnaker must have caught on the snap shackle on the end of our jib halyard and accidentally opened it, because when we unfurled the jib, it gracefully drop off the furler into the water.  BHYC is however the friendly yacht club, so my fellow racers delayed the start while we scrambled to get the jib back on the furler.

Unfortunately there was absolutely no wind and so the race out to Jollimores and back was a challenge.  We misjudged the turning mark and the tide carried past on the wrong side of the mark.  Making the mark was now virtually impossible, or at the very best, we won't be able to finish the race in any reasonable amount of time.

We opted to drop the sails and remove ourselves from the race, a decision that could possibly hurt us in the series standings given our first place finish in the first race.  Gaila sailed the race as well as possible, taking advantage of what little shore breeze there was.  To add insult to injury however, Between the Sheets, finished third, despite the fact that Skipper Norman fished the entire race!

This definitely was not our night.

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