Sunday, May 9, 2010

Packing Up - For a Price!

Exploits is pretty well ready to be moved.  We took off the main sail and boom today, removed the dodger, backstay and packed the halyards.  The only thing left to do is step the mast.  I painted bright red nail polish on the turnbuckles to help me retighten the shrouds.

Mike and I will drop the mast Tuesday night.  It gets pulled out of the water on Wednesday and moved to the North Shore on Thursday.  Very exciting!

I did make one major booboo.  I forgot to arrange a crane to lift the boat onto the truck.  Armdale doen't have that capability.  Luckily I called a guy today and he said they could do it.  For a price!  Everything associated with sailing is "for a price".

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