Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday at Sunrise

Very windy and cool on the North Shore today.

We spent Saturday night cleaning bird crap inside the cottage from a feathered friend who spent the winter inside.  We haven't actually found it yet which is not good.  The good news is, the cottage is fully functional and cleaner than it's been in years.  We also said good-bye to the dingy today, but it has gone to a nice home!

As far as Exploits is concerned, I rewired the mast and installed a new antenna for the VHF.  This was my first experience working with coax cable.  Hopeful I did it right!

I also sanded the bootstripe and below the water line.  Very hard on the shoulders since you are basically working over your head most of the time. I taped off the bootstripe by decided to wait until we get better weather to paint it, hopefully Tuesday of this week.  I should have the mast up sometime this week. 

Met a number of fellow sailors in the boat yard today and had a great chat with the new owners of Sunrise Marina.  Hopefully we'll be in the water on the long weekend.

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