Thursday, August 16, 2012

Amazing Day

Sail #26: 16/08/12 - 23.3 nm

Great night.  Very quiet.  I've decided it's much nicer be to on anchor at night than tied to a dock.

Woke to no water...and fresh raspberries!  Fixed the water (loss of prime) and enjoyed the raspberries with breakfast.  Thank you Skipper Kent for the raspberries!  The plan is to head to St. Peter's this morning.

Galadriel (Skipper Kent) joined us for the day and offered to show us the sights which started with a sail to Johnstown Harbour for lunch.  It was a wonderful series a quiet coves about an hour from St. Peter's Marina.  Lots of birds!  Somehow Judy managed to lose her bathing suit top along the way, which we believe was clipped to the lifelines drying.  She did manage to improvise in order to take advantage of excellent swimming at Johnstown Harbour.

Kent's a true sailor.  He single hands his boat as well or better than most skippers do with a full crew.  His C&C 30 was fast as any we've raced against and he certainly had it in peak race condition.

After lunch we set out for St. Peter's in a really nice wind.  Had we not had the benefit of Kent's local knowledge, we would dropped the sail's at the head of St. Peter's Channel.  As it turned out we sailed the entire channel and only had to tack twice at the very beginning.  It was an experience we will never forget!

After we settled in, we walked to the local pub for supper and spent the rest of the night listening to the wind and the rain on the boat.  Fortunately we got back before the rains started.

It truly was an amazing sailboat day!

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