Friday, August 17, 2012

Pan Pan Pan - We have no engine power - Another good day

Sail #27: 17/08/12 - 26.1 nm

The storm passed quicker than expected, so we decided to head out.  After a quick trip to St' Peter's for provisions and restocking our ice, we left by mid morning.

After an uneventful pass through the lock we sailed on and off to the Lennox Bridge.  We did have some trouble contacting the bridge operators.  Luckily they raised the bridge as we got close.  Not sure whether they were having problems or not.  On the other side of the bridge we had a fantastic reaching sail down the Lennox Passage, averaging 6 knots per hour all the way down to Port Hawkesbury harbour.

We dropped the sails only to discover that we weren't pumping water and that the engine didn't sound right.  A quick check revealed that we were also taking on water.  We immediately cut the engine, called Fly-Bye-Wire and them tow us to Port Hawkesbury Marina.

On the tow in,we took apart the water pump and discovered a broken fitting from the water intake.  We got the water intact shut off and removed the pump and realized that the repair was less serious than we initially thought.  The good folks at Port Hawkesbury Marina were ready for us, and we gently glided into the seawall.

After two trips to Canadian Tire (a completely useless place to go for advice) we were back in business and tied up next to Fly-Bye-Wire.

Another good day!

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