Sunday, August 5, 2012

Let The Cruise Begin!

Sail #19: 05/08/12 - 67.2 nm

First cruise in a great season of sailing in Tatamagouche Bay for 2012!

Departure time 6:00 am, Sunday August 5th, 2012 (Happy Birthday "little" brother Scott).

Spectacular sunrise which we got to witness because of a low - low tide at about 07:30, which meant we had to be out by 06:00 to clear the channel.  It was a beautiful sight watching four boats (Fly-Bye-Wire, Gaila, Willet and of course Exploits) motoring over glassy water.

Beautiful !

Sunrise over Tatamagouche Bay

Gaila and Fly-Bye-Wire motoring through glassy waters

Moon in the distant sky
Motoring past the NS - PEI ferry

We motored (unfortunately) for most of the day.  The flat water did make it easy to spot a pod of 10 or so porpoises in the distance.

Just off the coast of Arasaig, Antigonish County the winds came up in our favour and we hoisted the sails.  By the time we reached Cape George there were big rollers and lots of wind.  We had the forward hatch open earlier in the day, which we were unfortunately seconds too late closing before a large wave crashed over the deck, wetting Judy's clothes and our bed.  Larry was working Gaila in between the swells trying to avoid getting beat around too bad, while Willet decided to motor and Fly-Bye-Wire dropped their main and sailed the final leg with just their jib.  We reefed the main sail and jib and made our way into Ballantynes Cove Marina by early evening.

After a long, noisy motor for most of the day, the last 3-4 hours proved to be some exciting sailing!  Wow!

Sails finally up off of Cape George after hours of motoring

Skipper giving the OK after taking a couple of waves over the bow. Cruising at 6.2 knots on a 25 degree heal, fully reefed!

Fully reefed and pounding through rough seas

The reward was shrimp pasta with sun dried tomatoes and pesto. And I believe there was wine involved!

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