Thursday, August 9, 2012

Terns and Jim Cuddy

Sail #22: 09/08/12 - 19.6 nm

Had a lazy morning at St. Peter's enjoying the fantastic shower facilities.  Walked to town with Larry and Sharon to pick up groceries and restock our liquor cabinet.

Wound our way out the St. Peter's Channel and headed out into the lake with a nice gentle breeze at our stern.  We decided it was a good opportunity to fly the spinnaker, but as so often seems to be the case, things never seem to go right.  We had accidentally knocked a vent cap off the stern into the water.  We used it as an opportunity to practise our "man overboard skills" and quickly punched in a mark on the chartplotter and circled back to look for it, hopefully floating in the water.  No such luck.  Fortunately Mark was able to make a trip into the Binnacle and bring a couple of replacement's up on the weekend when they came.

At this point the wind had completely disappeared, as had the fleet, which was a little concerning since no one seemed to notice we had circled back and were searching for lost parts.  It was hot, hot, hot!  We motored to Clarke Cove near Marble Mountain to anchor for the evening.  We noticed Gaila anchored in the first cove away from Fly-Bye-Wire and Willet who opted to go further in to the next cove.  We quickly discovered that our piece of paradise was a lot quieter than the other cove which had a couple of jet skies and power boats circling the cove.

The water was a great relief from the heat.  After our swim we rowed over to visit with Fly-Bye-Wire and Willet in the next cove.  We were discouraged from going aboard Willet, who had reported that "their head had blown up", which we imagined was not a pretty sight.  Judy and Sharon did make the rounds in the water, altho they accepted all warnings not to board Willet.

This cove was also very shallow in one area which from the right angle looked like the people in the water were actually walking on water.  Very unusual sight.

Sharon thought this was an interesting tree for Suzanne to paint

Walkin' on water at Marble Mountain

Gaila crew making their way back to our cove
Once we got back to Exploits, we had a fantastic dinner on deck while we listened to the terns and Jim Cuddy singing in the background.

It was a great night!

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