Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Alan

"Sail" #28: 18/08/12 - 64.5 nm

"What a great place to celebrate with my captain / repair man"

Left Port Hawkesbury Marina at 0830, forecast of variable (no) winds> The trip through the causeway went smoothly.  It makes you feel like a rock star to stop traffic for our sailbaot.

The water on George's Bay was flat (as piss on a plate) and it wasn't long before we spotted the whales again.  Sadly since we were motoring they didn't seem to get as close as they did the first time.

Water was a flat as piss on on plate

Skipper on the bow

Skipper updating the diary

This little fellow followed for quite some time

The wind came up briefly off Cape George, but never enough for us to shut the motor off.  Unfortunately we were fighting the tides most of day and it was extremely hot, since what little wind there was, was on on our stern.  Jude and I had a quick swim in the Straight to cool off.  Never hit the bottom in 135 feet of water!

Cooling off in 135 feet of water in the middle of the Straight.

We motored the rest of the way and made Caribou just as the Confederation was leaving.  There was also a flotilla of fishing boats filled with people.  One of the boats was also towing a rubber tube with a couple of kids on it, which got on the wrong side of a red marker on way back in the channel.

Fly-Bye-Wire in the shadow of the Confederation

A VERY long day.  There has to be a better way to make this trip.

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