Monday, August 6, 2012

Tied Up

Happy Natal Day.

Strong winds through the night.  We banged and smashed all night against the dock, but slept well.  The fleet decided to stay put, and so we moved around the dock to get our bow into the wind and try and relieve some of the stress on the boat hitting the dock.

Had an interesting chat with Aaron Bezwick a reporter with the Halifax Herald.  He's the only guy from Cumberland County I've ever met that had a thick Newfoundland accent, which he apparently picked up while working in St. Anthony.  He built an unusual looking motor sailer which he cut the spar off of, and brought it across from Newfoundland to Cape George.  An interesting guy who couldn't be convinced by Larry to do a story on the Rear Commodore from BHYC.

Sharon, Doug Jude and Alan walked to the top of Cape George to the lighthouse.  Spectacular views!  Met a lady who's brother had just bought a new fishing boat and was motoring (full tilt) through the rough water on his way back to Canso.  She owned a catamaran in the Bahamas that she lived on for the winter and came back to Canso in the summer for a couple of months.

We came back to the marina and went for a great swim!  After our long, hot hike, the water felt great!

At supper time one of the local fishing boats came back with the first tune catch of the season.  It seemed like the whole community came out to witness the landing, cleaning and be-heading.  It was destined for a sushi bar in Japan that night.

Larry spend the day looking for ice, which we did get eventually after they iced down the tuna.  However, if you are ever in Ballantyne's Cove and they don't catch a tuna, the advice we were given was "try going boat to boat"!

Heading to Port Hawksbury tomorrow.

First tuna catch of the season

Larry FINALLY scores some ice after a day long search

Settling in for supper after an exciting day

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