Saturday, August 25, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect...Maybe

Sail #31: 25/08/12 - 12.8 nm

Our BHYC club mates decided to hold a impromptu Saturday race leading up to the Forshner Weekend in order to get a little extra practice in.  Sadly, the winds were frustrating light.  Fortunately, none of the Ingvaldson - Fraser Clan decided to join Jude and I, so we confided the punishingly slow conditions to us.

I can't even remember where we finished.  I do however remember using navigation markers as race markers, which make absolutely NO sense to me.  The reason that green marker is off Jollimore's because there is a big mother f'er reef off of Jollimore's.  There were seals there a few hours ago.  What's the point of putting race markers out, if we never us them.

...end rant here.

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