Friday, August 10, 2012

Baddeck Bound

Sail #23: 10/08/12 - 36 nm

We woke to glassy water and the sounds of terns in our secluded cove after a quiet night on anchor.  A Tayana 40 joined Gaila and us for the evening, otherwise there was very little activity.  Judy rowed to shore to visit the squirrels, eagles, woodpeckers and to watch the sunrise.

Exploits peacefully at anchor in Clacke's Cove, Marble Mountain

Bald Eagles

This little fellow looked like he was practising his rowing technique

The fleet motored off towards Iona on route to Baddeck where we planned to hook up with the kids for the weekend.  They were staying in a campground outside Baddeck for the weekend.  Luckily the wind came up just as we reach the lift bridge at Iona and filled nicely on the other side.  Wehad a nice sail up Great Bras D'Or, past Maskells Harbour arriving in Baddeck at suppertime.  The crew of Gaila engaged in some VHF banter on high power, which unfortunately was picked up by the race fleet out of Baddeck.  Skipper Larry would receive a scolding from the crew off of Prospector who picked up the transmission.

We radioed Baddeck Marina several times trying to arrange a mooring for the evening.  Eventually we were able to reach them on the cell phone and discovered there was "no room in the inn" anywhere in Baddeck due to Race Week.  Captain Larry sent the "good wife" ashore in the dingy to get ice and a new deck shower bag,to replace the 2 that went overboard somewhere between Iona and Baddeck.  Larry delivered 2 bags of ice to us in a sail past at speed, which added a little excitement to the day.

Once we settled in, we rowed ashore and had dinner in town at the Yellow Cello where we met up with the crew off of Prospector.  The volume level went up as the drinks flowed and we caught up on the latest news.

At some point during the night or early morning, Fly-Bye-Wire swung around on the anchor and collided with another boat.  Fortunately there was no damage and luckily it was dark since there was some readjustment needed with their crews wearing nothing but a nightie and undies.  Yikes!

Iona, Cape Breton

Tall ship cruise off of Beinn Bhreagh, where Alexander Graham Bell had a "summer home"

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