Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Off to the Bras D'or Lake

Sail #21: 08/08/12 - 40.1 nm

Early morning departure from Port Hawkesbury Marina.  It was a comfortable stay given the bouncing and banging around we did at Ballantynes Cove.  The only "incident" was one of the local homeless dudes tried to join Jude in the shower in the morning.  Thank goodness for combination security locks.

The motor out of the harbour was a picture of contrasts, with industrial Port Hawkesbury on the port side and quiet seaside homes off the starboard side.  Once again we had to motor sail up the Lennox Passage to the Lennox Passage Bridge.  We arrived early enough that opening it wasn't an issue.  We even were treated to 4-5 porpoises playing in front of the bridge as we approached.

Lennox Passage Bridge

Once we made our way out into St. Peter's bay we were greeted to great ocean breezes so the fleet opted to spend 2 - 3 hours working the cobwebs out of the sails in the ocean swells.

Travelling through the locks was uneventful and we made our way past the swing bridge and motored the short distance to St. Peter's Marina just before supper.  Jerry and the crew are absolutely fabulous and really made an effort to make us feel comfortable.  We tied up on the fuel dock to avoid having to row back and forth to a mooring and were entertained by some local musicians playing on the dock.  After a brief rest and snack we joined the crew of Gaila who treated us to a dark 'n stormy and a veggie wrap.

We made our way back to Exploits and had a late supper of BBQ'ed chicken and veggies followed by a very long and quiet sleep.

Judy checking in with Parks Canada

The fleet making their way out of the canal and past the swing bridge at St. Peter's

St. Peter's Lions Club Marina

Jude taking in the local entertainment

Our view

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