Monday, August 13, 2012

Tied Up in Baddeck

The weather forecast was calling for strong winds so the fleet decided to stay tied up at Baddeck Marine.  Tony from Pictou headed out on his own, but returned later in the afternoon after struggling to work up Big Bras D'Or against strong winds, waves and currents.  Willet moved back out on a morning to allow "Bagerra" a 53 foot motor yacht to tie up next to Fly-Bye-Wire.

Jimmy takes the crew of Willet back to their boat...maybe man

Jude and I walked along the waterfront and up to the NSLC and Co-op for provisions.  We admired the lake front homes and boats and boat houses along the way.  The afternoon was spent working on the dingy and making many trips to the hardware store and getting Exploits ready to depart in the morning.

That evening as the fleet waited up for the arrival of Brian, Exploits hosted the group for drinks.  Gaila toasted the trip earlier in the evening with champaign.  The fleet would be splitting up in the morning, with Gaila and Willet heading back to BHYC and Exploits and Fly-Bye-Wire heading down to Little Harbour and West Bay.

Catchin' up with our official recording of events.

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