Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ingvaldson Cruise

Sail #30: 23/08/12 - 13.9 nm

Thirty (30) years later Ardith Fraser and Family (my cousin) and Aunt Joan and Uncle Jim returned to beautiful Brule Point.  Ardith visited with Husband Dennis, and 2/3 of her sons (Ben and 1/2 of the twins Del).  The trip was initiated by Ben's participation in the Legion Track and Field Meet in PEI the week before, where he earned a bronze medal.

It was a treat to have the Fraser Clan on "da Point" for a week or so.  The weather forecast wasn't sail friendly, but it was a fantastic week none the less.  Despite the forecast for light winds, we did manage to get out for an afternoon and showed the boys the ropes, while Dennis tried his hand at the tiller.

At one point point, Ardith declared "it was like vacationing like the Kennedys"...which we'll take as sign that Ardith at least enjoyed her time aboard Exploits.

When we arrived back at the cottage, Mom had made her way over for the day to catch up with the Fraser Clan.  It was nice day all around.

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